Ultimate Nutrition’s team of research scientists has dedicated countless hours of development to deliver the most effective endurance and performance intra-workout on the market, Intra Gold. The demands of an athlete require dedication regardless of circumstance, and that deserves respect. The physical toll that occurs with any intense training program deserves an intra-workout that has been formulated to specifically address the body’s needs. Intra Gold was designed with those needs in mind: a multi-faceted performance matrix which aids in maintaining focus and energy levels, allowing the body to be pushed to the limit.

Functionally designed to provide ammunition when your body’s energy stores are depleted, Intra Gold is packed with BCAA’s, Vitamin B6, and electrolytes.During intense training, energy expenditure quickly exhausts the body’s limited amount of stored energy (glucose). Vitamin B6 creates energy for the body by converting food into fuel. Optimally dosed at a 2:1:1 ratio, the BCAA’s supply additional fuel to the muscles, preventing the body from breaking down muscle for energy. This endurance duo provides sustained energy so the body can power through intense training sessions. No intra-workout would be complete without effectively dosed electrolytes, a staple in maintaining efficient muscle contractions and keeping the body in balance.

Performance athletes know that effective recovery starts before the training session ends, so it’s crucial to prime your body for an efficient recovery. Intra Gold has L-Carnitine, which utilizes an ammonia scavenging mechanism to remove detrimental metabolic waste, thereby minimizing the accumulation of lactic acid. Clinical studies show that supplementation of L-Carnitine produced over 50% less exercise induced muscle damage. Additionally, L-Carnitine has demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing the catabolic activity that occurs as a result of training.1To further prime the body, LOLA (L-Ornithine L-Aspartate)was included in the formulation to amplify the removal of ammonia. Research studies show that when used in combination with BCAA’s, supplementation with LOLA significantly reduced the ammonia blood plasma levels associated with intense exercise, letting you push yourself further and harder than ever before.2

Equally as important, mental fatigue is a considerable obstacle often encountered during intense workouts. To combat this, Intra Gold was formulated with taurine, as it plays a vital role in keeping your brain firing on all cylinders. In studies performed on athletes, it has been proven to decrease mental exhaustion by 17%.3Taurine also delivers the functional benefit of pumping more fluid into the muscle cells by regulating the levels of water and mineral salts in the blood.

Efficient protein synthesis and maintenance of an anabolic environment are also important considerations when dealing with the effects of intensive training sessions. For this reason, betaine has been added for its proven ability to significantly increase growth hormone levels and decrease cortisol.4Betaine also has the added benefit of promoting vascular health by significantly reducing homocysteine levels.4Ultimate Nutrition’s Intra Gold is designed to be the most comprehensive endurance product on the market, catering to athlete’s who demand more from their workouts and more from their bodies. Go for the Gold with Intra Gold!



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