As we all know, it is tough to lose fat. Fat loss is not to be confused with “weight” loss. Anybody who has tried knows that it is much less difficult to lose muscle or water weight. We also know that muscle is not what we want to lose. The key to healthy weight loss is to reduce fat in the body while protecting healthy muscle and water levels.

When anybody discusses fat loss, the conversation generally steers towards caffeine/stimulant based thermogenics, appetite suppressants or diuretics. However, another option is available.

Thyroid hormones control metabolic rate. When metabolic rate slows down, which sometimes occurs when a person diets, the body burns fewer calories each day. The body senses a phase of calorie deficiency and it slows/stops the conversion of thyroid hormone T4 into a more active T3 form. T3 plays a role in accelerating metabolism, leading to a slower rate at which the body loses fat.

Guggul may change thyroid hormone metabolism due to the increased conversion of the inactive thyroid hormone T4 into its active part T3 in the liver. This process increases levels of circulating T3, a thyroxine metabolite known to raise overall metabolism. Moreover, guggulsterones may also stimulate the thyroid directly by enhancing TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) production.

Maintaining a high thyroid output creates a strong thermogenic (fat burning) metabolism. The result is the body burns more calories, and fat loss increases. Is this some sort of magic pill? Of course not. Diet and exercise are important for any successful weight loss. Guggul works to help reach that goal by increasing the body’s metabolism that dieting may have slowed down. It is a natural thermogenic alternative to harsher stimulant products.

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