Your body uses energy to perform all metabolic processes and to help carry out your daily functions. During exercise and endurance training, athletes need immediate energy and a sufficient supply of oxygen to maintain a rigorous regimen. CoenzymeQ10 is the spark that produces energy and supports oxygen supply in the body.

In addition to its critical role in energy production “on demand,” CoQ10 is one of the antioxidants found in nature. It protects proteins, membranes, and nucleic acids (DNA and RNA, the molecules that make up the genetic material) from the ravages of free radicals. The importance of CoQ10 can hardly be overemphasized. As the agent that produces oxygen, CoQ10 is extremely important for heart health.

Ultimate Nutrition®‘s 100% Premium CoenzymeQ10 is designed and manufactured for athletes who have high intensity exercise regimens. CoQ10 is the supplement of choice to supply muscles and other tissues with the right amount of oxygen and nutrients, and to produce energy when it is needed.

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