• Finally, a great-tasting naturally-sweetened whey protein with No Added Sugar!

• UN-developed all-natural flavors

• Industry-leading Prostar® whey blend and amino acid profile

• No artificial colors or other additives

Researchers at Ultimate Nutrition have developed an elite protein for our most demanding customers, and it tastes great. Ultimate Nutrition’s Clean Whey is the premier-tasting naturally-flavored, naturally-sweetened whey protein with no added sugars. Clean Whey packs 25g of high-quality whey concentrate, whey isolate and whey hydrolysate into every serving. Clean Whey contains no artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial sweeteners. Ultimate Nutrition’s Clean Whey is proof that naturally flavored and sweetened products don’t have to taste bad to be good for you!

Clean Whey has been created with ONLY natural ingredients to deliver a delicious shake. This gluten free, low fat, and low sodium protein-blend was developed to meet the needs of both the athlete and the health-conscious consumer. Both can benefit from the natural source of Calcium found in Clean Whey when supplemented in their everyday diet. It is the nutritional supplement of choice for those who lead an active lifestyle and for those who desire the advantages of a quality-protein source that will help you hit your macros with ease.


1) How is Clean Whey taken?

It can be ingested in many different ways. Most commonly, it is either mixed with water or a nutritious beverage. It can be

taken numerous times during the day to boost energy, but it is most beneficial if taken immediately after intense exercise.

Two or three servings daily are recommended for those involved in vigorous exercise to ensure maintenance of positive

nitrogen balance. This allows the body to repair and build muscle and minimize muscle breakdown.

2) How Does Clean Whey Boost Immunity?

Whey protein is quite singular in its property to boost immunity by increasing the body’s own antioxidants. In addition,

Clean Whey Whey is blended such that the immune boosting proteins are retained, which include b-globulin, a-lactalbumin,

glycomacropeptide, immunoglobulins and, among others, lactoferrin. All constituents in this category inherently

boost the immune system, which does become weakened somewhat with sustained exercise regimens.

3) How Does Clean Whey Whey Taste?

Clean Whey has been blended with delicious natural flavors and sweetened with Stevia to taste great, overcoming the

chemical taste that the amino acids can have.

4) Does Clean Whey Induce Growth Hormone?

Insulin growth factor-1 (IGF-1) is the hormone released during growth hormone metabolism. The amount of IGF-1 produced

is determines the extent of growth hormone on growth in general. Studies have shown that IGF-1 rises in direct

proportion to the quantity and quality of protein in the diet. Hydrolyzing whey increases its biological value (please see

Ultimate Nutrition’s Webpage on Super Amino 2000) that, in turn, increases the release of IGF-1 making whey the best

body-building protein available by far.