Is chicken a staple of your diet? Of course it is! That’s why Ultimate Nutrition’s team of researchers formulated Chicken Protein Isolate. This cutting-edge chicken protein has a wealth of: amino acids(bothessential and non-essential), minerals, and comes in delicious and easy-to-digest flavors.

Amino Acids have long been known to be the building blocks of proteins and polypeptides, both which are necessaryfor Muscle Recoveryand Muscle Growth. Recent scientific studies show that the optimal balances of amino acids regulate key metabolic pathways for maintenance, growth and overall health1.Chicken Protein Isolatewas created to deliver the Ultimateamino acid-balance and designed for those who are trying to get in shape and reach their peak level fast!

Have you ever felt less than optimalafter a whey protein shake? What about soy? Well fear not, Chicken Protein Isolateis easily digestible, has a delicious and smooth flavor, and doesn’t have the risk of bloating issues caused by other sources of protein.

This low-fatChicken Protein Isolatewas developed to meet the needs of both the athlete and the health-conscious consumer; both can benefit from the natural source of calcium and iron when supplemented in their everyday diet. It is the premiere supplement of choice for those who lead an active lifestyle and for those who desire the advantages of a natural, on-the-go protein that will help you hit your macros2. “

Ultimate Nutritionrealizes that our athletes and fans need the benefits of Chicken Breast and simply don’t have the time in their busy schedule to spend in the kitchen, restaurant or at a seated table. Chicken Protein Isolatehas all the benefits of a chicken breast in a convenient, easily-mixable and delicious protein shake. Save the time on the grill and get Chicken Protein Isolateso you can spend more time in the gym and more time growing!


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