Ultimate Nutrition®‘s Arginine Pyrogultamate Lysine is a blend of stacked amino acids that induces the secretion of Growth Hormone. Taken in combination, arginine and lysine boost the amounts of GH produced by the body. Availability of GH in systemic circulation may help increase strength, and support tendons and ligaments. By inducing the secretion of GH from the pituitary, arginine and lysine stimulate muscle metabolism, thereby providing nutritional support for the athlete.

Intense physical activity over longer periods of time can deprive the brain of energy necessary for its function. Taken orally, arginine pyroglutamate crosses into the brain, since it easily breaches the blood-brain barrier. There it stimulates energetic processes and promotes cognitive functions. As such, Arginine Pyroglutamtae Lysine is the perfect blend of amino acids to ensure proper nutrition for both the body and the mind.

Normal production of growth hormone is absolutely essential for optimal health at any stage, irrespective of chronological age or lifestyle choices, such as intense physical activity and high-performance exercise. Ultimate Nutrition®‘s Arginine Pyroglutamate Lysine is both for active athletes as well as for anyone motivated to maintain good health and enjoy a sense of general well-being into the golden years of life.

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